Vinay Rai Educationist

Vinay Rai Educationist

“The best and the brightest students shouldn’t be denied access to higher education simply because they can’t afford it.”

Vinay Rai is an icon for evolution and change in progressive India. He has known the world over for his advocacy for the self-reliance of every sector of the country. He visited several foreign countries to observe, study, and elicit the latest developments and technological changes happening around the world. He has acquired a great deal of knowledge, which he aptly applies to enhance the overall well-being of people through his philanthropic initiatives, which basically focus on education of the underprivileged.

Vinay Rai advocates the need for a paradigm shift in Indian education. He argues for an education that is more global in approach and perspective since companies are becoming more focused and driven to survive in a cutthroat competitive environment and their expectation from graduates are soaring up. For him, the need of the hour is to create academic institutions which can deliver what is required – to prepare graduates to face numerous challenges, tough deadlines, frenetic workplace and intense competition.

Vinay Rai puts higher education in the foremost place and sees colleges and universities in bigger roles for the betterment of the economic, cultural and social health of the nation. According to him, Indian universities, institutes of higher education and research have made a significant contribution to transmission of knowledge and inquiry into frontiers of science and technology. In the field of traditional subjects of arts and humanities as well as in pure sciences, applied physics and chemistry, mathematics and in areas of technology, the universities, and higher institutions have been playing a leading role to transform the country into a modern industrialized, technologically advanced state. He also argues that higher education should be put on top priority by the Government and the Members of Parliament while budget allocations. He ardently advocates the need for promoting academic excellence and providing opportunities to thousands of outstanding students with the significant financial need to help them reach their fullest potential.

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