Vinay Rai Philosopher

Vinay Rai Philosopher

A philosophy which has framed his life; a philosophy which he preaches to all; a philosophy which Vinay Rai believes in and follows is the key of growth for all and nation itself. Vinay Rai says “India can be transformed into a developed nation only by providing it with healthy bodies and healthy minds.” The 5E’s which are the building blocks of futuristic India are “Educating, Enlightening, Enriching, Empowering, and Enabling”

Educating - The Seeker

To provide equal opportunities for education to all. Students' willingness to learn and achieve should be given priority over their (in) capacity to pay and prior academic record. He suggests following focus areas of education:

  • Industry aligned
  • Professional edge
  • Finesse of 'Employability'
  • Empathy for societal causes and concerns

Enlightening - The Eager

To work towards creating a regenerated society that fights for its causes and understands its roots. He suggests that the regenerated society can be created through:

  • Reformation in youth related issues
  • Protection of women's and children's rights
  • Preservation of musical heritage of India

Enriching - The Thinker

To cultivate an informed and updated milieu that is able to- think, act and feel responsibly by disseminating information through various media to reach out to a larger audience. And focus of areas of enriching should be:

  • Information via management and media journals, case studies and reports
  • Analysis and discussions about various industry and life related issues

Empowering - The Talented

To facilitate accessibility of education to the students to pursue their career goals. He recommends the following focus areas of this process:

  • Scholarships to the talented and needy students
  • Translate research into application tools for public good

Enabling - The Deserving

To facilitate availability of medical facilities by providing financial and infrastructural support to those who lack resources. To create a developed nation by providing it with healthy bodies and healthy minds. He also suggests for:

  • Free health checkup and blood donation camps across India
  • Availability of medical facilities at highly subsidized rates.

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