Our outer cleanliness is important for our health and happiness and we spend hours looking after ourselves. However, the cleanliness of your own mind and intellect is even more important and crucial for our overall well-being. Instead of criticizing others and finding faults with their actions and getting annoyed and disturbed, we must subject ourselves to vigilant scrutiny, understand ourselves and our soul needs well, and correct our own faults. Correcting others a shortcoming does not do us any good- correcting ours certainly benefit us immensely. Blaming others for your problems also brings in no benefit, finding solutions do. This objective world is as ageless as God; we cannot determine with certainty the age of the universe and when it came into being but we certainly know that about us and also that it will end sooner or later. When we look into a pan of water, we will see our reflection. This reflection is removed the moment we decide to move away. Same way with the material world. It's just a reflection. Move it away and be in constant bliss. Feed Your Soul with Purity of Mind and Thoughts, May God bless you always. - Vinay Rai