What is The Ultimate Aim of Human Life - Vinay Rai


The ultimate aim of human life, just as Sun is the natural source of light and Human life is impossible without it, Right conduct (we call it Dharma) is the Sunlight that illumines our inner soul and is the energy of the entire Universe. The word Dharma means ‘that which upholds’. It is Dharma which sustains us all and when right conduct is on the decline, the forces of nature (God) have to re-incarnate themselves and come down to earth to re-establish the principles of right conduct (Dharma) and the rule of the universal law.Dharma at our level teaches us the ultimate aim of human life and right relationship between two individuals and between societies. Dharma is revealed to us through our pure hearts or conscientious of what is right and what is wrong, what is true and everlasting and what is false and temporary and illusionary. It is righteousness which promotes our own wellbeing and happiness and the wellbeing of our collective societies. It is indeed the protector of universal well-being. The Universe cannot be sustained without Dharma. Our wisdom is more powerful than our physical strength. A puny mahout is able to control an elephant. So let's concentrate on making our mind strong, developing the muscle power of a strong and powerful Will through following our own right conduct as dictated by our own inner conscience that has a direct connection to God and the forces of the universe are the real purpose of this life?.May God bless you always.

- Vinay Rai