Our prayers must always be with full faith and trust in the Wisdom of God and His fairness. Then His will be showered on us. When our heart is soaked in Love, it will not be contaminated by egoism and its evil consequences. Just as we crave for physical health for our limbs, our heart, our vital organs and our mind and our overall happiness, so too we must strive for the happiness of all of the humanity, for peace and joy for all sections of society in the world. When we dwell in that wider outlook, we will feel less and less worried about our own troubles and we will feel our own painless. The offering of yourself is the greatest bliss in this journey called ‘living.’ We should merge our welfare with the welfare of the world because we cannot be individually happy when our neighbors and society is in misery? Let us thus include in our prayers that apart for our own advancement we pray for the peace, prosperity, and happiness of all humanity. Wisdom is in the recognition of the immanence of the Divine in every being. May God bless you always.

- Vinay Rai