Finding Peace and Happiness through Spiritual Practice


Prayers should not be confined to the four walls of the Church or Temple or the few minutes of meditation we do. Prayers are a full time spiritual practice for our own happiness and peace within. Our devotion has to be expressed as worship of every living being as a living embodiment of Divinity. We must See God in every one, even in persons whom we regard as our enemies as they too are a part of the same energy that flows through all of us.Practice that broad and inclusive type of Love. How can we derive happiness by showing love and reverence to a stone idol that does not respond or reflect the feelings? Living beings will return appreciation and gratitude and wish you well. You can see joy growing in their faces. That will confer satisfaction and bliss within us. If you cannot educate yourself to love humanity how can we follow the path of dedication to God? So LOVE ALL SERVE ALL

- Vinay Rai
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