how do we find happiness in life



Think about this - when we do service or acts of charity are we really primarily helping others or actually helping ourselves. Reality is we do it for ourselves, for own happiness and peace and wellness and cleansing of our ego and self-centeredness. every act of ours is controlled and ordained by the universal energy force that flows amongst all of us and referred by many as God. whatever we get (so-called good or bad or whatever is received by us) is the Will of God. God does not need another human being to deliver acts of kindness or gifts to us. he can use any means including a leaf or a stone or an animal. he gives us the opportunity to serve when he is pleased with us that we are following His path of seeking our unity with the supreme energy and walking on a path of caring and loving and serving others. but in this, there can be NO EGO about ourselves or are doing good. we are just humble instruments that God bestows his kindness on.Without this knowledge, the urge to serve and do good is bound to ebb and grow dry or meander into pride and pomp. Just think for a moment: Are we serving God? Or is God serving us? When we offer milk to a hungry child or a blanket to a shivering brother on the pavement, we are but placing God’s gift into the hands of another gift of God! we are reposing the gift of God in a repository of the Divine Principle! God serves and allows us to claim that we served! Remember, without His Will, not a single blade of grass swings!. so be humble at all times and offer all our acts and good deeds to God and seek his blessings at all times in an Egoless state of mind. May God bless you always..

- Vinay Rai

There is no use of our gaining a lot of knowledge if all we use it for is the accumulation of material wealth. Why do we want to just master the world of matter, the objective world? Like the monkey which could not pull out its hand from out of the narrow-necked pot, because it kept holding in its grasp a handful of groundnuts which the pot contained, we too are suffering today, as we are unwilling to release our hold on the handful of pleasurable things we have grasped from the world. Our monkey minds are leading us to the wrong belief that the accumulation of material possessions will endow us with joy and calm. But Divine Love alone can give that everlasting joy. This is possible when we renounce greed, ego, and self-centeredness. May God bless you always.

- Vinay Rai

The tree growing out of the soil returns to the soil; the individual arising from the universe returns to the universe - this truth is not easily perceived and that is the mystery of this marvelous creation. When a seed is sown in the earth, it sprouts as a sapling and grows in due course into a big tree. In the tree, the branches, the leaves, the flowers and the fruits all appear as distinct from each other and each of them has a specific purpose. But all of them are different forms of the mud from which they have originated. Similarly seeing a rope at a distance, suspecting that it may be a snake, one develops fear and screams. Soon someone arrives and assures that it is not a snake but a rope. The moment that person realizes that the fear is got rid of. The moment you realize that All that you see in the entire universe is a manifestation of only the universal energy called God by many, you will be in bliss and #ALL fears will go away Keep your loved ones as your greatest treasure. They will help you with your truth and will take your forward away. - Vinay Rai


When we are very wealthy we find it even hard to pay our taxes or gift away our wealth as greed is never-ending. On the other hand wise and the not so well off always share and help one another. Why? Because the wise know that they are only caretakers, not the owner. They are not attached to wealth and material goods. They know that they belong to God and he can take it away anytime. So we must always feel that our family, house, property, car et all are all God's property and that we are mere trustees. Be ready to give them up without a murmur at a moment's notice. Sacred scriptures from all religions contain suggestions to cure us of attachment and endow us with the strength of detachment. Sacrifice does not mean that you should not value things or that we do not care for them. All we have to remember is that they are transient, that the joy they give is trivial and temporary. Once we know their real worth we will not make the mistake of over-estimating their importance in our lives. As long as we do not develop attachment towards them we can enjoy our worldly goods and pleasures. May God bless you always . - Vinay Rai


Without our giving up our sloth (our unwillingness to make any effort or work towards our duty), how can we ever know the Truth? Without giving up reckless Desires, how can our devotion take root? We have to remain Serene and calm in every situation - be it stress or a huge storm. This is the only path to win the Lord, the Truth. The mind is a wonder; its antics are even more surprising and confusing. It has no distinct form or shape. It assumes the shape or form of what it is involved in. Wandering from the wish to wish, flitting from one desire to another is its nature. It causes loss and grief, elation and depression. Its effects are both positive and negative. The mind will gather experiences and store them in the memory forever. It does not know the art of giving up! As a consequence, grief, anxiety, and misery continue simmering in it. If we try to fully understand the monkeyness of our mind and its superb characteristics of playing with you, we will be better able to master it and control its direction and limitless desires. for you let Teach our mind the beauty of sacrifice, the beauty of egolessness and the beauty of fewer desires. Then we will be in bliss. Wishing you ALL happiness and prosperity. May ALL your dreams be fulfilled and may the coming time bring you lots of cheer and bliss in all that you do. - Vinay Rai

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