How do we nurture our personality


We must Nurture within ourselves the will to give, the will to renounce the little for the big and the momentary for the sake of the momentous! We must always wear these thoughts of serving and loving humanity as an internal reminder badge. We must wear it not for just showing off but as a symbol of high character, generous feelings and steady and sincere endeavor. It will thus become for us an indicator of internal enthusiasm and strength, skill and faith. As iron is drawn by the magnet, for us too, when we allow these qualities to shine through us, it will draw the dejected, the downcast and the distressed towards us and of course, this will bring God Himself to our doorstep asking us what we want.If on the other hand, we are proud and self-centered, blind to the kinship that binds all in fraternal love, we will betray our internal conscience and God. Mere sentiment and empathy and words are of no use; we must regulate them by intelligence and skill for actual service. Finally, It’s neither the quantity nor the variety of service that we do that matters. Its the inner joy, the love that we radiate that is important. We must Serve and Act with our heads bowed in gratitude and surrender to our almighty God within. May God bless you always

- Vinay Rai