How Do You Be Kind - Vinay Rai



To find bliss and peace of mind in daily life, we understand our true nature first, we must do three things: Bend our body, mend our senses and end our mind. ‘Bend the body’ is to not allow ego to develop within us. We must perform all our duties sincerely with humility. ‘Mend the senses’ requires us to control how our senses behave; whether they are tending to go astray, and correcting and restraining them appropriately when they do so.‘End the mind’ requires us to quieten the vagaries and endless desires of our mind. How can we achieve that? Take the example of a lock and key. When the key is turned towards the left, the lock is locked. If the key is turned to the right, the lock is opened. The key is the same, difference in turning causes locking and unlocking. The Same way our heart is the lock and our mind is your key. When we turn our mind towards God (love and care), our heart develops detachment and unlocks our bliss within. When we turn our mind towards the world, it becomes attached and is ever in stress, endless disappointments, and depression. End the mind, means, turning our mind inwards to seek our own eternal peace and happiness that lies within us all. When we dedicate every action of ours to the universal all-pervading energy called God, we will receive enduring bliss and peace as our reward. May God bless you always. - Vinay Rai


Our bliss can come to us any moment when our heart is cleansed of despair, freed from hesitation and doubt, and open to accept the waves of bliss that surge in from all sides of God's Universe. Love brings the waves in, ever expansive as they are! The path we tread depends on the principles we believe in. so let’s follow good principles, then we will be automatically led along to reap good fruits. Adhere to the time tested directives of righteous conduct with faith and sincerity. That will help us realize the purpose of our lives. Since every act has its appropriate reaction, beware of evil intentions, wicked words, acts that harm others and therefore harm us. Live such that you revere other beings just as you would revere yourself. May God bless you always?. - Vinay Rai


We must Nurture within ourselves the will to give, the will to renounce the little for the big and the momentary for the sake of the momentous! We must always wear these thoughts of serving and loving humanity as an internal reminder badge. We must wear it not for just showing off but as a symbol of high character, generous feelings and steady and sincere endeavor. It will thus become for us an indicator of internal enthusiasm and strength, skill and faith. As iron is drawn by the magnet, for us too, when we allow these qualities to shine through us, it will draw the dejected, the downcast and the distressed towards us and of course, this will bring God Himself to our doorstep asking us what we want.If on the other hand, we are proud and self-centered, blind to the kinship that binds all in fraternal love, we will betray our internal conscience and God. Mere sentiment and empathy and words are of no use; we must regulate them by intelligence and skill for actual service. Finally, It’s neither the quantity nor the variety of service that we do that matters. Its the inner joy, the love that we radiate that is important. We must Serve and Act with our heads bowed in gratitude and surrender to our almighty God within. May God bless you always

- Vinay Rai

Just as our body is the house in which our soul lives, the world is the body of God.A tiny Ant biting just the little finger of our foot is able to draw our full attention to the spot, and we react to that sting immediately. We must similarly feel the pain, misery, joy or elation, wherever it is present in everyone. We must make an effort to protect and care for ALL and be kind with all our kith and kin.We need to Expand our Empathy; to serve others who are in need to the extent our skills and resources permit us to. Let us not fritter away our talents in profitless channels. We depend on society to provide us food, shelter, clothing, and all comforts - yes we never give a thought of what we do in return to the society that helped one to live. For us, Money has become the only exchange. We paid for it- so be it. But if society was not to produce or help then what would money alone do. !The energy we derive from the food we eat must be transformed into service, either towards one's own best interest or for the interests of others. We should not be a burden on others or an enemy of our own self-interest by wasting our energies in fruitless exercise of Envy, Hate, Intolerance, Greed, limitless Desire and Idle Gossip May God bless you always. - Vinay Rai


A simple flute is just a hollow bamboo stick where a few holes are made. By itself, it has no ability to create music. But when you blow softly through it and tap on the holes it creates the most beautiful music and soothing sound. But what if the flute itself decided to take things into its own hands and said - I will create the music myself. After all, its music since it flows through me. Of course, we know it will be disastrous. Imagine us humans as the flute and God and the universal energy as the player and the air that flows through it. It's they who create the music of our lives through their soft and caring touch. Music of life cannot be played by us alone. We need the divine hand and soul energy breadth to brewing it alive. Live life like that in total Surender to the player and his energy and we will become beautiful instruments of His Divine Will and be in constant bliss. Every struggle of ours to realize the unity behind all the multiplicity is a step on the path of divine life. Let's Wipe out the root causes of our anxiety, fear, and ignorance. Anxiety is removed by faith in the Lord; the faith that tells us that whatever happens is for our best and that the Lord’s Will, will be done. Quiet acceptance is the best armor against anxiety. Sorrow springs from our Ego, our feeling that we do not deserve to be treated so badly, that we are left helpless by God and society and we are superior and deserve much better. If we remove our Ego, sorrow will certainly disappear. Ignorance is just a mistake we commit to identifying ourselves only with our body and not our soul. The Lord will accept us as His flute when we are Egoless and Desireless. May God bless you always - Vinay Rai

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