How to Avoid Being Disappointed - Vinay Rai


Our constant flickering mind will instantly waver from right to wrong, from pain to joy only when we urge it on and egg it on. We must desist and be sure that we do not allow our mind to wander and fitter away its energy on meaningless emotions and fears. the mind will cease its antics once you allow your conscience and your soul to take charge. Let us not always count our tears of pain or pour out our grief to others to gain unnecessary sympathy. It leads us nowhere and does not give us lasting joy. Let us allow these moments of grief, of sorrow, of pain and disappointment to just pass through our mind, as birds fly through the sky, leaving no trail behind; or as flames and floods that appear on the screen in a movie theater, without dampening the screen. We must never lose heart when we are disappointed. Perhaps our wish itself was wrong and its realization may have landed us in worse situations. In any case, it's only the will of God Almighty that prevails and He knows best what is good for us. Disappointments and distress are like the skin of the fruit - they are meant to protect the taste and allow the sweetness to fill the fruit. Whenever we come in dire straits, let us turn our mind to dwell on the manifold splendor of our own Divine Self, our beautiful gift of life itself, our ability to think and ponder, our ability to reach out and be helpful to others, our ability to love and be loved, our ability to care and be cared for and finally revel in the majesty and magnificence of existence itself. That will keep us alert, brave and able to face all challenges, difficulties, stresses and find greater meaning in our life than short-term pain. May God bless you always.