How to Be Humble and Win Others Heart - Vinay Rai


There is always a perennial bond of pure love between teachers (Guru's) and students. Students can win over any teacher’s heart, and a teacher can always win over students’ hearts with love and care. To be loved, you must love others first. learn always to Be Humble. We may not always be in a position to oblige, but we can always speak obligingly! At times, guru's and teachers have to be very strict with us. So Be it. We must always remember that God too can be harder than a diamond when the situation demands. But have faith that it is for our own good and well-being. God, our mother, our Guru and Teacher are all very soft like butter in their heart. Teachers & Guru's who understand this Divine role of theirs must exemplify it in their behavior too. To take students into their confidence, they must approach students with love and fearlessly point out their mistakes and lead them on the right path. Only then will students follow the righteous path and correct their mistakes. Guru's and Teacher role is to love their students and mould their character. Then we will have a beautiful bond between all. - Vinay Rai