Is Calm Mind A Key To Happiness - Vinay Rai

Today we are all reposing too much faith in our frail and impermanent physical body. Our body is like a puppet with many holes and could collapse at any time even with a mere sneeze or turn of event. Reposing our faith in such a perishable body, we forget the invaluable ornament of our Soul stored within each one of us. This is the reason why we suffer so much mental agitation. If we ask any wealthy person what they are seeking, the answer almost surely will be - calm mind a key to happiness and fulfillment within!! Wherever you see in this world today, there are only ‘Pieces’ not ‘Peace’. Peace is very much only in our inner self. Thus we have to search for it by means of our inward journey. This is our fundamental duty. Unfortunately we forget this sacred mission of ours for our own happiness and peace and desire for paltry and meaningless worldly things. When we are able to manifest our own innate noble qualities, we will experience true happiness and eternal peace at all times and be in bliss. Why not start seeking answers from our soul within. May God bless you always - Vinay Rai

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