How to Connect with Divine Energy


To connect with divine energy just think- mere possession of canvas and paint in the hands of an artist is meaningless unless he gets an inspired vision of the image that he wants to paint. Similarly merely having a chisel and a marble rock does not create a beautiful sculpture unless the sculptor has a vision of the beauty that he wishes to create. That vision and that image of ours are in reality the sparks of the Divine within us. You are all 'the Divine' packed in human skin and bone; we are the Soul (which is part and parcel of God) encased in the evanescent flesh. when we cannot just Know this but can truly imbibe it in our very heart and soul, we will become fearless, happy without limit and be at everlasting peace within.We just need to Get rid of our Ego-enclosure in which we are entrapped; then we will certainly be liberated from the non-existent ‘prison’ which now enfolds us and has a suffocating grip on our true existence as Divine Souls! How must we then live in order that we ourselves do not demean our own divine-human status? for this, we have to be conscious all the times that our body and its equipment of senses and thoughts are a temporary abode; that we are the eternal Divine, that the Soul is but only apparently encaged in the physical. The moon’s reflection in a pot of water is not the true Moon. so too our human body is not the Soul. The Soul has no physical form- it is a part of the energy of the universe called by many as God. This knowledge of the spirit and our very being is the higher wisdom which can uplift us. Let us Begin on that beautiful journey of “Self Discovery” and our Unity with God. May God bless you always. - Vinay Rai