How to Find Bliss and Peace of Mind in Daily Life - Vinay Rai


To find bliss and peace of mind in daily life, we understand our true nature first, we must do three things: Bend our body, mend our senses and end our mind. ‘Bend the body’ is to not allow ego to develop within us. We must perform all our duties sincerely with humility. ‘Mend the senses’ requires us to control how our senses behave; whether they are tending to go astray, and correcting and restraining them appropriately when they do so.‘End the mind’ requires us to quieten the vagaries and endless desires of our mind. How can we achieve that? Take the example of a lock and key. When the key is turned towards the left, the lock is locked. If the key is turned to the right, the lock is opened. The key is the same, difference in turning causes locking and unlocking. The Same way our heart is the lock and our mind is your key. When we turn our mind towards God (love and care), our heart develops detachment and unlocks our bliss within. When we turn our mind towards the world, it becomes attached and is ever in stress, endless disappointments, and depression. End the mind, means, turning our mind inwards to seek our own eternal peace and happiness that lies within us all. When we dedicate every action of ours to the universal all-pervading energy called God, we will receive enduring bliss and peace as our reward. May God bless you always. - Vinay Rai

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