We should not ruin our beautiful life as a human being in just wasteful rounds of eating, drinking and sleeping. We have within us our Divine Soul which is part of the Divine Energy we call God and that is our true reality. so let's learn to become aware of that unfailing source of bliss and peace. By properly using our intelligence, we can tap that spring of unlined infinite energy and be supremely blissful. Happiness can be won only by proceeding towards our true self- God, not by following the urges of our senses that flicker from moment to moment and have no permanence.Of the twenty-four hours that are available to us each day, let us at least devote a small fraction to meditation or prayers or reading scriptures or listening to wise people. Think of God and the gratitude we owe to Him for the human life that He has gifted us and the various material, moral and intellectual talents that He has endowed us with before we commence our daily routines. In this simple humble way, we will certainly experience great benefits. This way we will have peace, joy, and success in all our endeavors through the Divine Grace of the all-pervading Divine energy that surrounds us and wants to, at all times, uplift us. Just have faith Abd forbearance. May God bless you always. - Vinay Rai