How We Can Live in Harmony - Vinay Rai


Thinking evil, speaking evil and seeing evil invariably leads us to total ruin. We must Learn to live in harmony and unity with people and our environment. Every organ in our body functions in cooperation with every other part. If our footsteps on a thorn, even our eyes feel the pain and shed tears. If our eye notices a thorn or stone on the road, it warns our foot automatically to avoid it. Hence we must develop the same sense of unity of thought and action and share both our joys and our troubles as one big united family. There is nothing we cannot achieve with unity as our strength. With purity and unity, our desire for peace and happiness within will also grow. Thus we need to make purity, unity, divinity our watchwords; they alone will ensure material and spiritual well-being. May God bless you always. - Vinay Rai