Market Indian Higher Education Abroad – Vinay Rai

Market Indian Higher Education Abroad – Vinay Rai

Attempts are now being made to market Indian higher education abroad. UGC and FICCI have chalked out a program to promote Indian higher education outside the national boundaries. The first attempts would be made in African countries - Kenya, Tanzania, and Ethiopia. Apart from UGC and FICCI, EDCIL (an education PSU under the ministry of human resource development) is making rigorous efforts to sell Indian higher education in the same market.

A delegation consisting of 16 universities would be visiting these African countries. The Vice Chairman of UGC, VNR Pillai, would lead the delegation. Apart from holding fairs and road show, the delegation will focus on establishing a relationship between the governments and higher education commissions of these countries.

Vice Chancellors and international student advisors of leading universities like Jawaharlal Nehru Foundation, Banaras Hindu Foundation, Jamia Hamdard, Symbiosis and Osmania Foundation would represent their universities in the delegation.

With the public-private partnership, higher education would enter the global market. India is now not only seen as the potential hub for higher education but also a potential market. According to President of Think India Foundation, Vinay Rai, the demand for international education has been increasing not only in the domestic market but also in the global market. "Well-defined strategies would, however, be needed to become world leaders in higher education," he says.

Vinay Rai, the President of Aspiration India, Think India Foundation and Centre for Public Policy, adds that he believes, "a time has come to make a fundamental change in the entire educational system whereby we create opportunities and link education completely to employment opportunities and for that responsiveness is the key".

India needs to gear up now to form a platform to launch its higher education in the international market as soon as GATS comes into force. The GATS agreement can only be applied to countries with public-private partnership. With the increased public-private interface, high quality would surface with maximum good to the students," says Vinay Rai Educationist. Interestingly, with trading in services allowed, the scenario spells for an increase in India's market share for education globally. - Vinay Rai

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