The Highest Wealth Is The Absence of Greed - Vinay Rai


When we are very wealthy we find it even hard to pay our taxes or gift away our wealth as greed is never-ending. On the other hand wise and the not so well off always share and help one another. Why? Because the wise know that they are only caretakers, not the owner. They are not attached to wealth and material goods. They know that they belong to God and he can take it away anytime. So we must always feel that our family, house, property, car et all are all God's property and that we are mere trustees. Be ready to give them up without a murmur at a moment's notice. Sacred scriptures from all religions contain suggestions to cure us of attachment and endow us with the strength of detachment. Sacrifice does not mean that you should not value things or that we do not care for them. All we have to remember is that they are transient, that the joy they give is trivial and temporary. Once we know their real worth we will not make the mistake of over-estimating their importance in our lives. As long as we do not develop attachment towards them we can enjoy our worldly goods and pleasures. May God bless you always . - Vinay Rai