harmony and unity


To connect with divine energy just think- mere possession of canvas and paint in the hands of an artist is meaningless unless he gets an inspired vision of the image that he wants to paint. Similarly merely having a chisel and a marble rock does not create a beautiful sculpture unless the sculptor has a vision of the beauty that he wishes to create. That vision and that image of ours are in reality the sparks of the Divine within us. You are all 'the Divine' packed in human skin and bone; we are the Soul (which is part and parcel of God) encased in the evanescent flesh. when we cannot just Know this but can truly imbibe it in our very heart and soul, we will become fearless, happy without limit and be at everlasting peace within.We just need to Get rid of our Ego-enclosure in which we are entrapped; then we will certainly be liberated from the non-existent ‘prison’ which now enfolds us and has a suffocating grip on our true existence as Divine Souls! How must we then live in order that we ourselves do not demean our own divine-human status? for this, we have to be conscious all the times that our body and its equipment of senses and thoughts are a temporary abode; that we are the eternal Divine, that the Soul is but only apparently encaged in the physical. The moon’s reflection in a pot of water is not the true Moon. so too our human body is not the Soul. The Soul has no physical form- it is a part of the energy of the universe called by many as God. This knowledge of the spirit and our very being is the higher wisdom which can uplift us. Let us Begin on that beautiful journey of “Self Discovery” and our Unity with God. May God bless you always. - Vinay Rai


A story with a profound message- A super successful, rich and knowledgeable man realized after all his successes that he still was not happy and at peace. Troubled by this, he approached a wise Guru and asked him what was the cause of his condition. The Guru asked him - what are your accomplishments. the man spoke at length about his knowledge, his huge successes, his popularity, his fame and his high position in society. Laughing within himself, the Guru asked: “Are these your only accomplishments? Oh Man, without knowing who you truly are, your divine connect to God, what is the use of knowing and accumulating all these other things?" show me your accomplishments of Conquering your mind, of removing Ego, of seeking your own divinity and then come to me and talk about success.It is so true- we all make huge effort to understand everything in the world and accumulate wealth. But none of us have the time or make any effort to understand ourselves or accumulate the wealth of love and care, of desirelessness and non-attachment to worldly pleasures. An enormous amount of time we spend in understanding others and material things, but we somehow cannot ever find the time to know ourselves. Whatever be our scholarship, our intelligence or our position and status, we cannot have peace of mind and happiness if we do not know our real Self and connect with our own divinity hidden within each one of us.To resurrect love and compassion, we must kill our jealousy and selfishness, and purify our hearts with love and care. Our conscience is constantly guiding us to remove the dust and dirt of vices and the planting of virtues.We must listen to know that envy is the stickiest dirt- it destroys our happiness and peace of mind. If we can be happy when others are happy, we will be in constant bliss. May God bless you always with my dearest sister Tuli for trying the bond of love and care. - Vinay Rai


Prayers should not be confined to the four walls of the Church or Temple or the few minutes of meditation we do. Prayers are a full time spiritual practice for our own happiness and peace within. Our devotion has to be expressed as worship of every living being as a living embodiment of Divinity. We must See God in every one, even in persons whom we regard as our enemies as they too are a part of the same energy that flows through all of us.Practice that broad and inclusive type of Love. How can we derive happiness by showing love and reverence to a stone idol that does not respond or reflect the feelings? Living beings will return appreciation and gratitude and wish you well. You can see joy growing in their faces. That will confer satisfaction and bliss within us. If you cannot educate yourself to love humanity how can we follow the path of dedication to God? So LOVE ALL SERVE ALL

- Vinay Rai

We should not ruin our beautiful life as a human being in just wasteful rounds of eating, drinking and sleeping. We have within us our Divine Soul which is part of the Divine Energy we call God and that is our true reality. so let's learn to become aware of that unfailing source of bliss and peace. By properly using our intelligence, we can tap that spring of unlined infinite energy and be supremely blissful. Happiness can be won only by proceeding towards our true self- God, not by following the urges of our senses that flicker from moment to moment and have no permanence.Of the twenty-four hours that are available to us each day, let us at least devote a small fraction to meditation or prayers or reading scriptures or listening to wise people. Think of God and the gratitude we owe to Him for the human life that He has gifted us and the various material, moral and intellectual talents that He has endowed us with before we commence our daily routines. In this simple humble way, we will certainly experience great benefits. This way we will have peace, joy, and success in all our endeavors through the Divine Grace of the all-pervading Divine energy that surrounds us and wants to, at all times, uplift us. Just have faith Abd forbearance. May God bless you always. - Vinay Rai


Today we are all reposing too much faith in our frail and impermanent physical body. Our body is like a puppet with many holes and could collapse at any time even with a mere sneeze or turn of event. Reposing our faith in such a perishable body, we forget the invaluable ornament of our Soul stored within each one of us. This is the reason why we suffer so much mental agitation. If we ask any wealthy person what they are seeking, the answer almost surely will be - calm mind a key to happiness and fulfillment within!! Wherever you see in this world today, there are only ‘Pieces’ not ‘Peace’. Peace is very much only in our inner self. Thus we have to search for it by means of our inward journey. This is our fundamental duty. Unfortunately we forget this sacred mission of ours for our own happiness and peace and desire for paltry and meaningless worldly things. When we are able to manifest our own innate noble qualities, we will experience true happiness and eternal peace at all times and be in bliss. Why not start seeking answers from our soul within. May God bless you always - Vinay Rai

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